What is QFD?

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a systematic process for planners to focus on their customers. QFD is used by cross-functional teams to identify and resolve issues involved in planning products, processes, services and strategies which are better then what the competition has to offer.

Use QFD to establish and document planning requirements.

Use QFD to ensure that your planning requirements are correctly implemented.

Use QFD to capture and prioritize customer requirements based on relative importance to customers and perceptions of competitive performance. Look at both direct and indirect competitors. Then develop a complete planning specification.

Use QFD with cross-functional planning teams to define how a solution should be configured to best satisfy its customers. Define critical solution characteristics by benchmarked non-competing and competing solutions to determine "Best Available" performance.

Use QFD to define, in strategic terms, what direction a planning team should go. Use QFD to select particularly attractive niches. Then use QFD to convert the benefits desired by the customers into measurable characteristics of a products, process, service or strategy.

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