QFD References Books

Read excerpts from the many on-line QFD books through Google Books web site. http://books.google.com/

Akao, Yoji and Mizuno QFD: The Customer-Driven Approach to Quality Planning and Deployment

Akao, Yoji Quality Function Deployment Integrating Customer Requirements into Product Design

Cohen, Louis Quality Function Deployment: How to Make QFD Work For You

Clausing, Don Total Quality Development : A Step-By-Step Guide to World-Class Concurrent Engineering

Crosby, Philip B. Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain

Deming, W. Edwards Out of the Crisis, 2nd ed

Daetz, Doug, Bill Barnard, and Rick Norman CUSTOMER INTEGRATION: The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Leader's Guide for Decision Making

Dobyns, Lloyd, and Clare Crawford-Mason Quality OR ELSE: The Revolution in World Business

Eureka, William E., Ryan, Nancy Quality up, Costs Down: A Quick and Easy Guide to QFD and Taguchi Methods

Gabor, Andrea The Man Who Discovered Quality

Ishikawa, Kaoru Guide to Quality Control

Jackson, Thomas L., Jones, Karen R. Implementing a Lean Management System

King, Bob Better Designs in Half the Time

King, Bob Designing Products and Services That Customers Want

Juran, Joseph Juran on Leadership for Quality

Pardee, William J. To Satisfy & Delight Your Customer: How to Manage for Customer Value

ReVelle, Jack B., Moran, John W., Cox, Charles A. QFD Handbook

Sherkenbach, William W. The Deming Route to Quality and Productivity: Road Maps and Roadblocks

Walton, Mary Deming Management at Work

Walton, Mary The Deming Management Method

Barnard, William, Thomas, Wallace The Innovation Edge, Building Strategic Breakthroughs. Using the Voice of the Customer

Bicknell, Barbara A., Bicknell, Kris D. Road Map to Repeatable Success: Using QFD to Implement Change

Bossert, James L. Quality Function Deployment: A Practitioner's Approach

Day, Ronald G. Quality Function Deployment: Linking a Company with its Customers

Gitlow, Howard S. and Shelley J. The Deming Guide to Quality and Competitive Position

Translated by David J. Lu. What Is Total Quality Control? he Japanese Way

Neave, Henry The Deming Dimension

ReVelle, Jack B., Moran, John W. Executive's Handbook on Quality Function Deployment: Defining Managements' Roles & Responsibilities

Ryan, Nancy E. Taguchi Methods and QFD: Hows and Whys for Management: A Special Collection of Papers and Essays on Today’s Quality Issues and New Quality Technologies

Shillito, Larry M. Advanced QFD: Linking Technology to Market & Company Needs

Scholtes, Peter, et al. The Team Handbook: How to Use Teams to Improve Quality

Tribus, Myron Selected Papers on Quality and Productivity Improvement

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